Who Wants to go Hang Out with Santa? I do!!!

So What is the Santa Experience?

Imagine their excitement when they get to hang out with Santa Claus -- not just take a

quick photo with him at a Mall, but REALLY spend time decorating trees, seeing his

Nice & Naughty List, and so much more!

Well, parents, we don't have to imagine! We can give them this incredible Christmas

experience and have it all professionally photographed! 

One on one session private with Santa in a totally live interactive experience. This isn't a traditional

photography session that has standard poses, but a live photojournalist documentation of the

family's interaction with Santa. We have over 15+ different interactive triggers that Santa will

naturally flow through depending on the age and cooperation of the participants. Santa will read,

sing, place candy canes and other decorations on the tree, and a whole lot more. While this is all

happening we will be capturing every moment. If there is time at the end we can do the old school

staged sit in Santa's lap photo, but this is not the focus on what the Santa Experience is all about.

Its more than just a photoshoot, it's a true experience that the family will talk about for years to


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The session includes a print package:

(1) 8x10 

(2) 5x7

(4) 4x6

How much will this cost?

The cost is very minimal. It's $100 but with your paid session, you sponsor 2 other families. This is a not for profit sessions. We take your session fee and put it to use giving our Emergency Workers and Veteran families a time they will remember

Where are these being held? 

Norwood Campground - Nov. 23rd, 2019

**A second day / location may be added depending on demand**


How do I register?

Click REGISTER to ditch waiting in Holiday Mall lines for a 5-second lap photo with Santa and let the kiddos have a fun-filled experience with Santa like never before!

The cost for the General Public is only $100 and you sponsor 2 veteran & first responder families.

1) Norwood Campground - Nov 23rd, 2019

2) Masterpiece Studios - Dec 15th, 2019

 (Indian Trail)

* If you are a veteran or first responder, please visit the Veteran / First Responder tab at the top of the page*